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Recently I got word from a friend that the National Legislative Office of the American Legion recently passed a resolution that calls for an “Antidepressant Harm Analysis”.

RESOLVED, That The American Legion urge Congress to require the VA and DoD to conduct a comprehensive “Antidepressant Harms Analysis” to investigate the role antidepressants have in veteran, active and reserve component service members and National Guard personnel suicides, homicides, violent crimes, job loss, relationship failures, homelessness, and permanent disabilities previously thought to be PTSD, which may instead be the side effects of the antidepressant drugs causing or exacerbating depression or PTSD related symptoms.”

This is a VERY important step on their part, and I hope it is echoed more and more with other veterans organizations.

Many people are aware of the commonly cited statistic of “22 servicemen (including veterans and active military) committing suicide DAILY”. What is less known, however, is that one of the most common methods of treating conditions like PTSD – psychiatric drugs – have suicide as a POTENTIAL SIDE EFFECT of the drug!

The question is: What percentage of those 22 suicides a day are caused by the TREATMENT (i.e. the drugs) and not by the original condition that was diagnosed?

Thankfully the Legion is starting to ask these questions themselves.

For detailed information on how psychiatric drugs are destroying lives and wrecking families in our military, please watch this documentary.