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To provide access to truly effective alternative counseling services for veterans who have been diagnosed with combat-related PTSD, who have been victims of sexual assault, or who are suffering from other emotional difficulties originating during their time of service in a branch of the military, with the end goal of seeing those conditions completely resolved for these veterans, and thereby allowing them to live happier, more productive lives.

Who We Are

Christopher Owens – Founder / Executive Director
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The Restored Valor Project was founded by Christopher Owens, who also serves as its Executive Director.

After years of hearing about the ongoing crisis in the U.S. military with PTSD – especially the appalling suicide rates (22 veterans every day taking their own life), and the destructive psychiatric treatments and drugging of our soldiers that currently passes as the “standard of care” for our veterans, Chris was inspired to apply his 24+ years of experience as a Professional Dianetics Counselor towards building a charitable service organization that can actually tackle this problem head-on.

The Restored Valor Project exists to directly challenge the stigmatizing labeling, harmful drugging and ineffective treatments focused only on the alleviation of symptoms currently offered to veterans for the mental conditions developed during their times of service.  Instead, TRVP is committed to helping as many veterans as possible to directly address and resolve the causes behind these conditions, so that those conditions are fully resolved and these veterans can finally move on with their lives.

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